BN trying to make a comeback with Melaka win

by | Nov 22, 2021 | NATIONAL, NEWS | 0 comments

In a surprise landslide victory the people of Melaka resoundingly elected Barisan Nasional over Pakatan and Perikatan Nasional to send a clear signal to Malaysians that they are serious of making a comeback in the local political scene.

Undaunted by pre-polling forecasts by political pundits that they will have a hard time to win seats in Melaka, the BN machinery had no issues and problems when they swept to victory to confound critics.

But whether this is just a flash in the pan or whether it underlines the start of new beginnings for BN is something which political analysts say should be done in a “wait-and-see” attitude as it’s premature to predict now how they will fare in a general election.

The 15th General Election should be called by the Malay government of Malaysia by early 2023 and while the BN victory is a good sign for them it is perhaps in the next state elections in Sarawak where it becomes more certain if they are serious contenders to form the next  government.

While the die has already been cast in Melaka and the results are in strong favour of BN, the coalition has a long road ahead to go to convince Malaysian voters who booted them out in the last general election.

By all indications, it looks like the 15th GE will be hotly-contested and all contenders and political parties are already beginning to ramp up their electoral machinery to ensure that the results are in favour of their selected candidates.