Bring back fairplay, justice, meritocracy

by | Nov 19, 2021 | Opinions | 0 comments


Since the appointment of Tun Abdul Razak as prime minister and the implementation of the New Economic Policy in 1970, the nation of Malaysia began to veer off track from the full tenets and obligations of democracy.

This is why now is not the time to bring back quota systems. Abolish in full quota systems. It’s a very bad idea that is set to backfire. Instead please adhere to the request of right-thinking Malaysians to bring back fairplay, justice, meritocracy and pure democracy.

For a long time Malaysians have been suffering from gross acts of injustice and wrongdoing especially the minority races of Chinese and Indians and it is high time that there be a restoration of democracy.

The Bumiputera community, with the Malay race being the largest component, need to address and undo the years that have been lost to injustice and wrongdoing in order for this country to achieve success for all races.

It is not late. If political leaders are serious, whichever racial community they represent, they have to set aside petty differences and narrow thinking to come together in unison to build a Malaysia for all citizens irrespective of race and religion.

This is possible by adopting a give-and-take policy and subscribing to egalitarian values to ensure that all the major races of this country prosper in such a manner that there is satisfaction, peace and prosperity for all Malaysians.


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