Ban on certain vices a violation of basic rights

by | Nov 18, 2021 | Opinions | 0 comments


In the media now trending and causing a lot of views and opinions to be expressed is the ban on the sale of liquor at select places and the ban of 4D outlets in the north Malaysian state of Kedah that many consider as a violation of their basic rights.

Vices are common. Most people drink, smoke and gamble or patronise brothels and basically this is a person’s personal choice to which the government has no real right to clampdown as it should concern them only from the perspective of the social ill it creates.

The government has basically gone about this issue in a very roughshod manner and should be more tactful and sensitive in dealing with people’s vices. While there is a certain amount of entertainment and joy from these activities there is also the possibility of harm and danger.

Perhaps a better approach which can be chosen by authorities if they are sincere of wanting to have control over the situation is to educate through an awareness campaign how those who indulge in these habits can do it in a responsible and safe manner.

While it  is true that too much of something is good for nothing, the concern of the authorities should be rightly focused and appropriately executed and not by imposing blanket bans in a Draconian manner.

The problem and danger of trying to stifle these kind of activities is that those who indulge in it go underground to the black market to source for 4D tickets and for liquor and this is something I am sure the authorities do not wish to happen.


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