Are you Dating a Narcissist?

by | Nov 8, 2021 | Opinions | 0 comments

Photo Credit – Pexels

Narcissists are people who possess an inflated sense of importance and they constantly require attention or admiration from others. These people may appear charming, caring and loving but once their true colours show, they would begin to lack empathy and start to manipulate or control their partners. Narcissists would also place the blame on their partners whenever things go wrong and also would want to take credit for their partners’ success. 

In general, narcissists are selfish and care only about themselves. They also have a great sense of entitlement. Their partners would often feel confused once the emotional abuse commenced. 

When someone gets into a relationship with a narcissist, the beginning would feel like a fairy tale. The person would feel loved, admired and is constantly praised by their partner. However, as time goes by and if you do something that makes a narcissist feel disappointed, he or she will start turning on you. 

One of the traits of narcissists is enjoying hogging conversations and talking about how great they are. They enjoy talking about their accomplishments as they feel that they are better or smarter than others. They also do it for the sake of self-assurance. 

Narcissists also enjoy compliments. If their partners do not tell them how good they are, they will start bragging about themselves. Due to their lack of confidence, putting others down while exalting themselves is a way for them to feel great. These people also do not have long term friends as they are often possessive and might stop their partners from socialising or seeing their friends and family. 

Romantic partners of narcissists would also experience being insulted or teased. A narcissist would make his or her partner feel inferior and not capable of doing anything well without help. The worst act of narcissism is gaslighting, this is when a person lies to distort reality. As a result, partners of narcissists would feel different, confused and anxious as they start to believe that they are always at fault.

If your partner is a narcissist, it’s best to stand firm and walk out of the relationship. A narcissist would try his or her best to get you back or might even say bad things about you to hurt you. However, it’s best to not let their actions affect your life. 

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