Why are Malays demanding so much respect?

by | Nov 7, 2021 | Opinions | 0 comments


More and more, in fact, a growing number of Malaysians are beginning to realize and recognize that there are an increasing number of Malays who are beginning to demand respect, especially authority figures.

This does not bode well for the Malaysian Family. Nowadays it is very hard to earn respect. Even authorities holding high positions, the elderly or high achievers in their respective field of endeavors do not get the respect they richly and rightly deserve.

In the midst of this changing situation, you find a select group of Malays demanding respect when it is an open question what they have done in service to humanity to be given or accorded such due respect.

In asking for respect when it has not been duly earned these Malays are being blatantly arrogant and it is not a surprise that right thinking Malaysians, including decent and upright Malays, are beginning to show contempt for the demanding Malays.

Lighten up please everyone. The way to get respect and honour is by serving humankind with integrity and honesty and being humble because before honour comes humility. Everyone should have this goal at the back of their mind as they strive for respect and honour.

Malaysians of this era are better informed and better educated and they know who deserves respect as they can tell by observing and evaluating the behaviour and attitude of a person who will command our respect and admiration.


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