The achievement of Bumiputeras must be on merit

by | Nov 4, 2021 | Opinions | 0 comments


For decades, since the New Economic Policy was implemented in 1970, there has been much discord and dissension on assisting Bumiputeras to prosper as the non-Bumis feel and fear that this is being done at their expense.

Affirmative action for any group or race is always a welcome idea. But the exercise must be done fair and square by enlarging the economic pie and accordingly and evenly distributing among the people of Malaysia.

The Chinese and Indian communities have long been asked to sacrifice so as to prosper Bumiputeras and this is the wrong way to go about it. Bumiputera achievement must be attained on merit and not favoritism.

This is why most Bumiputeras don’t value and appreciate the windfalls that come their way by the tinkering of the government because it was not achieved on merit. Any achievement that is not achieved on merit is a hollow, meaningless achievement.

The idea therefore is to not just offer handouts to Bumiputeras but train and equip them to be competitive in the marketplace so they can strive on an equal footing for their lot in life with the non-bumi’s.

There has to be an egalitarian and level playing field for all races in this country so they can achieve success that is meaningful and that is savoured and appreciated, much valued that they can be proud of and be happy.


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