Syed Saddiq slams government for not discussing RM 620 million lost

by | Nov 3, 2021 | NEWS | 0 comments

Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman has criticised the government for not focusing on the RM 620 million wasted funds, instead, clinging on to the ‘Timah’ controversy.

The Muar MP in Parliament said, “Over the past two weeks, we only heard calls for a name change to Timah. But was the same focus and criticism given to the RM620mil issue? It is hundreds of millions of the people’s money and (it was) all silence in this House, with Timah seeming to be the biggest issue.”

He had even taken a bite at the Environment and Water Minister for not showing up at the United Nations Climate Change Conference.

“He is the Environment and Water Minister and commented at length on Timah but when it comes to representing the country internationally, he was absent,” he added.

The people have supported Syed Saddiq’s statements and accused those politicians of distracting the public.

Frances Tan said that the politicians who made so much noise on Timah have no interest in improving the country and using funds wisely.

“Why was it even an issue? Do Malay’s not know how to read the word ‘arak’?” he said.

Yuee Xin sympathises with the MUDA Chief as she thinks his voice will not be taken seriously.

She claimed that although he has the facts, there will be no impact because of the lack of support from his side.

The angered citizen said, “Malaysia is rotten to its core. It’s a gone case, stage 4 cancer.”