The Malaysia E-Sports Federation Praise the Support for E-Sports

by | Nov 2, 2021 | Sports | 0 comments

Photo Credit – Pexels

The Malaysia E-Sports Federation (MESF) praised the government’s support for the emerging e-sports sector as announced in Budget 2022. However, regret was expressed as there were insufficient consultations with it on the allocations.

MESF president Ananth S Nathan said in a statement that the government “did not disappoint” with its e-sports initiatives. This includes the RM20 million allocated to develop the industry, the RM5 million allotted to create a drone sports centre of excellence and also tax exemptions for tournament prize money.

“This budget shows that the government is serious about empowering the industry,” he said. “This financial injection can certainly help to develop e-sports at the community level and provide much-needed improvements to facilities and platforms. We hope that the positive attention paid to this industry will continue in the future as the government’s support is vital to help this still green industry.”

However, Ananth said that the group had not been brought in to discuss allocations to the sector prior to the budget’s tabling. “As a national sports body registered under the Sport Development Act 1997 and affiliated with the International E-Sports Federation (IESF), the government needs to view MESF as a key entity and stakeholder to obtain detailed information on the status of e-sports in Malaysia. This is to ensure the government, through the youth and sports ministry, gets an accurate picture of the development of local e-sports,” said Ananth. “This will enable planning to be formulated properly, especially when it comes to allocating funds for e-sports development.”

Therefore, Ananth has asked the government to consider recognising and supporting MESF as the main body in the sector, allowing it to regulate all national e-sports governance. “As a member of the IESF, the credibility of MESF cannot be questioned. MESF is always ready to share its knowledge, expertise and experience. It is important that a supreme governing body be established to standardise governance in a professional manner,” he said.