Malaysians react to Budget 2022 in disparagingly fashion

by | Nov 2, 2021 | NEWS | 0 comments

The Budget 2022 announcement under the theme of ‘Keluarga Malaysia, Makmur Sejahtera’ on Friday (Oct 29) got citizens buzzing as RM 332.1 billion was allocated this time round.

The three concepts held for the budget were the people’s wellbeing, resilient businesses and a prosperous economy.

The allocation was also an increase of 3% compared to Budget 2021.

Some of the highlights were RM 150 handouts to school students, free sanitary kits for B40 teenage girls and discounts for PTPTN loans.

Nicholas Seet was glad that the budget was ‘amazing’ as he manages to benefit from it.

He said, “Despite covid, where most businesses were doing badly, the government still can manage to subsidies the people in meaningful ways.”

He only hopes that the huge allocation does not mean an increase in taxes eventually.

Joel Lim wasn’t too sure that the government giving handouts again was the best choice.

He would have proffered if instead of flushing money out, the government had made policies to increase the minimum wage.

“Increase the consumer purchasing power and you wouldn’t have to give handouts anymore,” he added.

Dan Wu was also in agreement there a policy would have served better for the long-term.

He said, “The best policy made was for women to be appointed in the board of all public companies.”

He believes that policies as such showed progressive mentality, especially from a traditional government.