Everyone Should Have Good Manners

by | Nov 1, 2021 | Opinions | 0 comments

Photo Credit – Pexels 

Good manners are essential when it comes to conversation. When someone helps you with something, gives you a gift or provides you directions when you’re lost, it is always good to say “thank you”.

When you need help from someone, it is good to say “please”. We are taught basic manners when we are children but as we grow up, we tend to forget them. Sometimes, we also forget to greet the elderly. Greeting someone when we meet them is also considered good manners. 

Another form of good manners is to refrain from looking at your phone when you are having dinner with friends or family members. When we are having a meal with others, it is best to focus on communicating with the people around us rather than getting distracted by checking our social media accounts on our phones. 

When we see someone in need, we could do simple acts of helping. For instance, if we see an old lady who is struggling to get up after she falls, it would be good if we help her up. Another example would be giving up your seat to elderly people or pregnant women when you see them in public transports or waiting areas. 

Other basic good manners would be covering your mouth when you cough or sneeze and apologising when you have made a mistake. Complimenting and encouraging others are also good examples of manners that we should practice when socialising with others.  

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