Desperate Malaysians seek help from Ah Longs

by | Nov 1, 2021 | Opinions | 0 comments


A growing number of desperate, needy Malaysians are turning to ‘Ah Longs’ or loan sharks in a bid to receive help and alleviate their financial distress only to learn the hard and painful way that they have jumped from the frying pan into the fire.

By the time these naive, gullible and unsuspecting borrowers realize it they are caught in a seemingly never ending spiral of debt and are beholden to these loan sharks. It then becomes a hard and miserable life for these people who borrow from Ah Long’s.

It doesn’t help that the government goes to great lengths to show that they care and are concerned over the welfare and well being of the people but add insult to injury by doling out pittance to ease the financial plight of people.

In this day and age where the cost of living has become astronomical, Malaysians are showing how desperate they are by even going to the ‘Kedai Pajak Gadai’ or pawn shop to hawk their valuables in order to get financial aid.

It should not come to this where people have to resort to linking up with Ah Long’s and pawn shops. The government must confess that they are already debt-ridden and do not have the financial muscle to provide adequate funds to the people.

This is why right-thinking Malaysians with the ability and capability, those with the knowhow and expertise should be asked to come forward and offer solutions on how to assist the poor and needy so that they do not have to deal with loan sharks and pawn shops.


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