Malaysians: Why no criminal punishment for police drinking alcohol at police station?

by | Oct 30, 2021 | NATIONAL, NEWS | 0 comments

The four police officers that were caught red-handed drinking alcohol with civilians at the Bangi police station will not face any criminal charges.

Instead, Selangor police chief Arjunaidi Mohamed said that they will be subjected to disciplinary actions once the investigation currently conducted is completed.

In July, a special team from Bukit Aman had raided the station and found a sub-inspector, two corporals and a support corporal behaving in a disorderly manner.

However, questions are raised if is sufficient to allow the officers to face disciplinary actions and not criminal, seeing that they violated the principles of the job.

Bavani Dayananthan believes that the punishment is light and does not set a strong message to other police officers.

“Is this what we are teaching our future generation? A policeman is not sacked when on the job?” she asked.

Nor Rozita Nordin claims that there is a double standard in the proceedings of the case.

She said that the public prosecutor should have pressed charges on them as they clearly and blatantly broke the law.

Other Malaysians have added to her comment that justice in the nation is only applicable to the Rakyat and not people in power or authority.