Winepak Corporation might change whiskey label as politicians yet to forgo the issue

by | Oct 29, 2021 | NATIONAL, NEWS | 0 comments

Since politicians are relentless in finding fault with a local whiskey manufacturer, the distiller has decided to consider a rebranding of the ‘Timah’ label.

Before the decision, a PKR Member of Parliament had fueled the drama claiming that drinking Timah is similar to drinking Malay women.

Rusnah Aluai of Tangga Batu said, “It also does not represent a good picture of women as it gives the impression that Timah is a Malay woman such as Kakak Timah, Mak Timah and Mak Cik Timah.”

Her logic of the matter has been ridiculed by the public on social media and accused her of sensationalizing the mediocre issue.

Toby Chin, a frustrated Malaysian, said, “Bahasa Malaysia is our national language but when it’s time to produce it in Malaysia some don’t understand the language.”

He only wished that the politicians had the same urgency in more pressing matters like domestic abuse.

The Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry stated that they will take a week to discuss the rebranding with their stakeholders and board of directors.

They claimed that there was a harmonious meeting between both parties, living up to the Keluagra Malaysia concept.