The Art of Haggling

by | Oct 29, 2021 | Opinions | 0 comments

Photo Credit: Flickr 

By Mah Soon Tai

When we visit a wet market, flea market or night market, we tend to notice people bargaining with vendors to get a price where both parties are okay with. This is an act of haggling. Many people would agree to pay for the price that is offered for the particular item and not ask for a lower price. However, some sellers would take it as an advantage to raise the price to a ridiculously high amount to con customers, especially tourists. 

If you think that an item has been sold with an unreasonable price, you could try to haggle. Do not try to ask for a price that is half of the offered price as sellers do need to make profits for their wares. When you haggle, it is best to ask for a reasonable price for the items so that the seller might not lose out in earning a profit.

Sellers won’t usually offer a discounted price to their customers and at times, it would be worth a try. Only haggle if you believe that an item could be bought at a lower price. Haggling isn’t encouraged at a grocery store or shops in a shopping mall so it is also wise to know where you could put your haggling skills to use. You should also research the price of a particular item if you have a shopping list with you to be aware of how much an item should cost in the market. Most importantly, be polite and not rude when haggling with a vendor. 

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