MUDA might lose in Malacca based on reputation

by | Oct 29, 2021 | NATIONAL, NEWS | 0 comments

President of MUDA Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman has announced that they will be challenging in the Malacca state election but people are worried they don’t have the reputation to succeed.

The former Youth and Sports Minister in a press conference confirmed that there are negotiations on the nomination and will work with the Opposition on it.

He said, “We decided to contest to reform the political landscape in Malacca. We must understand why the state election was warranted just because of a power grab among UMNO leaders in the state.”

The worry is that the potential young nominees from MUDA will lose out on reputation from other prominent parties.

David Ng believes that asking the people to vote for young and unknown candidates is too much of a risk to the public as they may be skeptical.

He added, “Too bad reputation is what most people are seeing right now. Never underestimate the power of reputation.”

Others would have been more willing to give MUDA nominees a chance if they were a registered party.

The Muar Member of Parliament has not registered his party which he blames the government for politically delaying it.

Andy Woon reminded the public that the Prime Minister’s brother had a swift registration of his Parti Kuasa Rakyat.

He claimed that the home minister would have nightmares if he approves MUDA as it may destabilize it following the huge support it gathered.

“We need a revamp of the whole system. Let’s start with this group,” he added.