High Court no longer to pursue Mat Sabu’s son drug trial

by | Oct 29, 2021 | NEWS | 0 comments

Ahmad Saiful Islam, son of Mohamad Sabu, has been released after the High Court chose not to carry a jail sentence for drug abuse.

Judge Collin Lawrence Sequerah in a final ruling stated that the appellant has been deprived of two samples of urine and this strict procedural guideline was not complied with.

Ahmad was convicted and sentenced to eight months of prison on June 24 by the Magistrate’s Court.

Citizens were not happy that the case was dismissed over a technical issue especially one relating to drugs.

Balakumaran Balaravi accused the police of not carrying out procedures appropriately.

The clinic specialist said, “This is purely the fault of the police. If they don’t follow the standard procedures, how do we know the urine is not collected from some other druggie in a lockup.”

Amidst convicted and charged politicians being allowed to have their passports returned, others express disappointment that a politician’s son had escaped the law.

Allen Nuing admitted that Ahmad was lucky that his father was a former minister, probing that there may have been special privileges.

“Whether it is PH, PN, or BN, the politicians are toasting one another happily from behind while the supporters argue about justice among themselves,” he added.