Tony Fernandez no newcomer to failure

by | Oct 28, 2021 | Business, INTERNATIONAL | 0 comments

Maverick Malaysian business tycoon Tony Fernandes is at present down but not out. The collapse of the aviation industry worldwide has seen his airline, Air Asia, also nosedive and grounded due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

But earlier on Tony decided to engage in Formula One motor racing by buying into the Caterham Racing group and this turned out to be a disastrous decision and several years later he withdrew from the scene.

In another failure of sorts which brought him deep regret, he was frustrated over his football investment in English Championship side Queen Park’s Rangers (QPR). QPR got promoted to the English Premier League but was later demoted.

However, it is perhaps the bad turn of events at Air Asia where he built his reputation as an aviation legend that has really ruined him and caused him so much anguish and pain with many of his adoring fans now turned off.

Tony now walks a lonely road as he claims that many of his former ‘friends and associates’ have deserted him during this turbulent crisis but the unsung hero hopes to make good and pay his debts once he starts getting businesses on the move.

With a new born daughter to bless him with good fortune hopefully people will forgive him for his faults and failures and it will also get him out of the deep debt that he is now struggling to settle before he can get on with his life.