Taking To the Skies

by | Oct 27, 2021 | Stories | 0 comments

Nur Hazira Binti Harun, the stylish CEO and founder of MRGC OEM Marketing Cosmetics is impeccably well-groomed and dynamic in more ways than one. This young entrepreneur is ambitious and has her feet firmly planted on the ground when it comes to growing her business. She shares with TMV in a chat session on the business she had developed and her very own ambition for the future.

Nur Hazira Binti Harun, the young CEO and founder of MRGC Cosmetics, hails from Kuala Terengganu. “I graduated with a diploma in Art & Fashion Design from UITM. Before venturing into cosmetics, I worked as a part time promoter selling water filter to residents. From there, I discovered that I have this knack in presenting my ideas to customers,” she shares.

More affectionally known in the cosmetic industry as Datin x, Hazira confesses that venturing into the local cosmetic industry is not easy as she started her business from ground zero. “I had zero funds. In the beginning, I relied on my printer to print out my product catalogues to be presented to my clients,” she says.

“We are still considered new compared to other more established home-grown cosmetic brands. I have yet to reach the peak and I plan on taking my business to greater heights,” says Hazira.

As a cosmetic company that specialises in research and development, branding, formulation and packaging, Hazira reveals the kind of services offered by her company. “For instance, if a client plans to have a skincare product, we have a package that costs RM15,000 and it includes packaging and design,” she explains. “We have the expertise to help our customers in creating attractive designs and packaging so that their products sell well,” she elaborates. Hazira firmly believes in seriously ‘walking the talk’ when it comes to delivering what has been promised to her customers.

According to Hazira, the idea of starting her own cosmetic company came when she noticed people creating their own brands. “I then decided to do something on my own. I called up manufacturers in Korea and China and collaborated with them. Using my home-printed catalogues, I managed to kick start my cosmetic business and have expanded it from there.”

When asked about what contributes to the growth of her company, the affable Hazira says, “My team and I have worked tenaciously since day one to attain the company’s targets. In terms of marketing, I hire famous social media influencers to help advertise my cosmetic products,” she reveals.

Hazira hopes to open a show room in future to showcase and sell her cosmetics. She explains, “I would be selling products for cosmetic departmental stores. Also, I would like to own a factory one day.”

Hazira has successfully established an overseas presence for some of her clients’ products and that is a milestone for her company. However, obtaining a business license from a foreign government remains a challenge for the company. “Due to this, it is not that easy for me to bring in local products into other countries. Apart from that, I also have to deal with delays in the production of my client’s products,” she laments.

In terms of management and leadership style, Hazira believes in leading by example and in giving her best. “I take work seriously and there are times that I have worked till the point of exhaustion. But the sacrifice’s worth it as good quality products are the result,” she says with a smile.

Hazira finds balance in life by valuing her time. “I am an on-the-go person. Therefore, I do not waste time. Even simple everyday routines such as sleeping or eating are done efficiently,” she says.

“I am now the proud owner of a successful business that can reach greater heights. My corporate office is located in the OBYU corporate office tower in Damansara Perdana,” says Hazira when asked about her achievements in life.

As for young aspiring entrepreneurs, Hazira would encourage them to dream big. “Dreamers can become doers. You only have to put your heart into something you truly believe in and make it work,” the young entrepreneur says with a twinkle in her eyes.