Illegal online gambling back in action

by | Oct 27, 2021 | NATIONAL, NEWS | 0 comments

While it is not known of the situation nationwide, within the Klang Valley region, which is the nucleus of the country, illegal internet cafes or cybercasinos are springing up in alarming fashion despite the crackdown by authorities.

But this time the scenario is different. When contacted, an online casino operator who goes by the name Ricky said that he has all the approved documents to operate an online casino including a police permit.

But when asked to furnish proof, he told The Malaysia Voice that he has no interest in dealing with us as he only deals with the authorities.

According to one online addict named Mike, the move to reopen the online casinos was a good measure as it contributed to the economy.

Another elderly punter named Bobby said that since he is 76 years old to go up to the Genting Highlands casino is tiring and expensive as it is so far and that is why he prefers to gamble in online casinos usually occupying shoplots in neighbourhoods.

But there have also been complaints of cheating by these online casino operators and this is why for all the stakeholders it is better for the authorities to license, regulate and monitor their activities as it looks like this form of gambling activity is here to stay.