South Korean Actress Lee Yeon Hee Shares On Meeting Her Husband & How She Knew He Was The One

by | Oct 26, 2021 | THE GRAPEVINE | 0 comments

When you know, you know. That’s how actress Lee Yeon Hee describes meeting her husband during her recent guest MC spot on an episode of South Korean variety show ‘My Little Old Boy.’

The ‘New Year Blues’ actress was asked by the panel of celebrity moms how newly-wedded life to her non-celebrity husband has been fairing, and when she knew she wanted to marry him, fondly replaying, “I think I just knew the first time we met.”

She then went on to reveal that they had actually met through a blind date.

“Someone set us up. I had never gone on a blind date before, but [the person who set us up] suggested, ‘Let’s just all get together and hang out in a relaxed setting. Let’s all grab a meal together.’ So I went out dressed casually.”

The 33-year-old star tied the knot with her love in June of 2020.

But as with any couple, there are bound to be times where they have engaged in a good old lover’s spat right? Well, the actress goes on to say that they have yet to have any big fights in the year they’ve been married.

“When I get mad, I’m the type who takes some time to think about it. I don’t say anything right away. Later on, after some time has passed, I’ll say, ‘Honestly, I felt like this [back then].’ I’m the type who waits for some time to pass before bringing it up, so we don’t really end up fighting.”