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Dr Anna Hoo believes that optimal health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. She believes that a fulfilling life can be achieved through an optimally healthy body through the inside out. In an interview with TMV, the founder, medical director and leading practitioner of Anna Hoo Clinic talks about her vision and the challenges in her aesthetics and wellness business that include anti-aging treatments.

An international trainer in injectables, laser and combination therapy, Dr Anna Hoo obtained her medical degree from the University of Science Malaysia in 2002 and has spoken in both national and international scientific meetings. She received her Fellowship training in Dermatologic Laser Surgery at Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand. 

“I started the clinic with the vision to help people to achieve optimal health, not only physically but emotionally. I was blessed to have a passionate and excellent team who started out with me,” says Dr Hoo. “We have four main services in the clinic such as the face formula, the body formula, the hair formula and wellness. Wellness has been an integral part of our service stemming from the belief that a beautiful complexion comes from a healthy body.” 

At Anna Hoo’s Clinic, the comprehensive wellness and aesthetic programme targets different areas of aging. “Targeting other aging regions allows for more natural and harmonious aging instead of it being unbalanced where a beautiful face is matched with low muscle tone and poor hair quality,” shares Dr Hoo. “The clinic is one of the leading wellness and aesthetic clinics in Malaysia. The doctors are extensively trained in medical aesthetics, anti-aging, injectables, laser, and energy-based device technology.” The wholesome nature of the team allows for a complete treatment in the anti-aging process.

“One of the ongoing challenges that we have is to find like-minded people to be in our team. We need to find the right people with the right skills, and more importantly, the person needs to embrace similar ideals and passion towards health,” says Dr Hoo. “It is indeed rewarding to be in a field that can improve our patients’ lives as well as those of the people around them. I am indeed privileged to be able to do so. The road to a successful medical aesthetic and wellness practice is arduous, but be undaunted in the face of all the challenges that may arise because the opportunity and ability to improve patient’s life is the best reward we can ask for as a doctor.”