The dawn of the age of disrespect

by | Oct 24, 2021 | Opinions | 0 comments


Now is the dawn of the age of disrespect. This is not a flippant or sweeping statement because if a person were to observe the changes that are taking place all over the world there is now little respect being accorded by people like before.

People, the world over, have scant respect. If in the past there was respect for authority figures and the elderly nowadays this no longer holds true. It has been replaced with skepticism and contempt being more prevalent.

But people now have high regard and respect for those who are wealthy and with money. This seems to be the direction the world is taking and it doesn’t matter if they are drug pushers, triad or underworld figures.

The fact is people worship and adore those with money. Is this what prompted political leaders in Malaysia to steal millions and billions so as to earn the respect of people in the country because money translates into possessing power.

Previously those who worked hard or studied hard, those who accomplished and achieved glory in different fields of endeavour were automatically given due respect. But all this pales in comparison to the respect that is shown to those who have money.

For some reason or other, our value system has been changing in this New Millennium. It really should not but it has and there is presently a feverish frenzy by many people to acquire and create as much money and wealth as possible in the hope of commanding respect.


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