Reebok Unveils New Keith Haring-Inspired Sneaker Collection Full Of Popping Motifs

by | Oct 21, 2021 | FASHION, LIFESTYLE | 0 comments

Reebok has unveiled a new sneaker collection based on the works of 80’s pop artist Keith Haring. The collection brings to life the art of the late artist through five silhouettes across brand favourites such as the Classic Leather, Classic Leather Legacy AZ, Club C and Club C Legacy.

Each sneaker is inspired by the same bright energy found in Haring’s work, being both bold and colourful yet also clean and wearable. The Classic Leather Keith Haring features the iconic dog motif, the most famous of Haring’s themes, over black leather that pays homage to the late artist’s subway chalk drawings.

The CL Legacy AZ Keith Haring, a direct nod to Haring’s dancing figures that represents community and the message of joy, energy, and friendship, offered in bold primary and secondary colours commonly used in Haring’s paintings, while the Club C Keith Haring finds inspiration in Haring’s 292 Lafayette Street “Pop Shop,” featuring the same all-over print that painted his walls.

Wrapping up the collection are the Club C Legacy Keith Haring which references Haring’s iconic three-eyed smiling face, created after he accidentally added too much space between two eyes and the GL6000 Keith Haring draws from a piece found in the Keith Haring Foundation Archive, where dogs and humans mimic each other to create a metaphorical contrast.

The Reebok’s Keith Haring Collection will be available on Reebok’s online avenue in unisex sizes starting October 22nd.

Source: Reebok