More decent Malays should come forward and lead country

by | Oct 20, 2021 | Opinions | 0 comments


If being in a position of leadership in this country is the prerogative of Malay-Muslims, why can’t decent, right and proper Malays come forward to take up these positions instead of having a Malay leadership full of racist, prejudiced and corrupt Malays?

Where are they and why are they shying away?

It is widely known in this country that there are many moderate Malay-Muslims who are right thinking and they should not remain as the silent majority.

These Malay-Muslims are badly wanted to lead this country along with the Chinese and Indian communities as this nation prides itself in being a multi-racial and multi-religious and multicultural  group of people.

Right now the Chinese and Indian communities are holding out hope that the right sort of Malay-Muslims who have their senses intact and not belonging to the ‘kepala tak betul’ (crazy) types will take up positions of power.

In the past few decades Malay-Muslims have become stuck in a quagmire as they are found to be not on the right track with being a healthy democracy with the right checks-and-balances in place that yields peace, progress and prosperity.

Malay-Muslims with the right mindset, free of corrupt and evil influences, should be given top priority to lead this country before the state of the nation gets from bad to worse. This is why the urgent appeal is being made for these Malay-Muslims to be leaders.


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