‘Threats’ from Health Minister might not get cooperation of anti-vaxxers

by | Oct 19, 2021 | NATIONAL, NEWS | 0 comments

The threat by the Health Minister to make life difficult for anti-vaxxers may not get the cooperation he hopes for and may incite more reluctance.

The Minister, Khairy Jamaluddin, has said that there are no intentions to mandate the vaccine but encourages it.

He added, although crude, “If you don’t vaccinate yourself by choice, we will continue to make life difficult for you.”

Some members of the public are wondering if statement from him was delivered in the best manner.

Ricky Ngangariser criticised Khairy as it is creating unnecessary friction.

“These words of yours will not gather cooperation from those who do not wish to get vaccinated but instead create an unconscious barrier from those who have doubts on the vaccines,” he said.

Ricky believed a true health professional would have taken a more human approach and address the issue professionally instead of ‘blackmail’.

According to the government, more restrictions are set to be implemented to fend off those unvaccinated in public spaces this week.

Khairy also said that if anyone is not vaccinated, they will be required to undergo regular test and have to pay for it.

Charmaine Chee hopes that the remaining percent of Malaysians will eventually take the vaccine.

 “Please do think of the hardworking frontliners that are battling the virus. The vaccine saves lives and will end the pandemic,” she said.