PAS Senator: K-drama the reason for suicides in Malaysia

by | Oct 15, 2021 | NEWS | 0 comments

A PAS Senator had claimed that the increase of suicides in Malaysia are caused by Korean dramas at the Dewan Negara on Wednesday, October 14.

Senator Mohd Apandi Mohamad during his Q&A said youths who are obsessed with K-dramas are more prone to commit suicide due to the content of the TV series.

He added, “When there is a little failure, they will want to suicide.”

However, Senator Fadhlina Sidek of PKR disagreed with his claims as the answers for suicides are much deeper than that.

Malaysians agreed with Fadhlina and were stunned that Apandi had made such claims.

Norfazlin Binti Zamani on social media said, “Teenagers that commit suicide mostly are due to the mental, environment and emotional issues. Not K-drama.”

She added that parents who lack to offer love and attention to their children risk them falling into depression.

Asyraf Maizad replied to Nofazlin that she is right and several external factors cause such incidents.

He said it is foolish for a Senator to blame it on dramas and not tackle the real issue which is emotional stress.

“You need to do research, not just talk with your mouth. This shows how low you qualify to be a politician,” he said.