Has empowering women gone awry?

by | Oct 15, 2021 | Opinions | 0 comments


Under pressure for decades by feminists around the world, governments began to capitulate and succumb and eventually began to promote gender equality in a bid to relieve the oppression of women.

This was a long time in coming and also long overdue. It was a paradigm shift in the right direction to empower women and to lift their status as being equal to men in everything. It was a boost and from this scenario the emancipated women emerged.

While the right thing was done to empower women, things are now not looking as positive as it was for the equal rights of women.  For example, just in Malaysia alone, it has been reported in mainstream media that there is a divorce taking place in the country every hour.

Have women been over-empowered that they now wear the pants and call the shots at home? The truth is while empowering women was a right move, there now needs to be a certain amount of fine-tuning and tinkering in how men and women see each other.

The game changer plan didn’t really work. Men are still the head of the house and while a woman is equal to him the traditional roles that men and women play still rings true. While being equal, men and women must come to fully recognize masculine and feminine roles.

This is to avoid the feminisation of men, which is a common occurence nowadays, and the aggressive, overbearing approach of women who seem to have lost the plot by being empowered without any limitations.


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