Sabahans in dire need of help after experiencing continuous floods in September

by | Oct 14, 2021 | NATIONAL, NEWS | 0 comments

Residents in Sabah’s west coast are pleading for help from the government for stronger efforts in battling the floods that were continuous in September.

The Sabahans claimed that state representatives had visited the disaster-hit site and offered cleaning help.

However, the support was lacking and was not quick enough as another flood had strike soon after, wiping all the efforts away.

Adrienne Godfrey Johniu, a Sabahan, said that temporary shelters should be provided by the authorities for the safety of the people.

The disappointed citizen was frustrated over the situation and stated, “There is just too much to handle and cope with.”

Others have blamed that the root of the issue is from the government allowing excessive logging in the Penampang district.

“Corrupt practice and illegal logging seem to be the problem. Poor Sabahans sponged by the wealthy,” Chin Chee Meng said.

He added even with the billions of support funds received, the people are still left in the dark.

Aritz Ritz wants the district council to take immediate action by cleaning up all the waterways and monsoon drains.

He is afraid another flood may hit soon and cause even more damage as the authorities predict more rain till October 18.

“Look back to the Environmental Impact Assessment & Survey for the town planning,” he suggested.