Continuous criticism of the government will not help us in pandemic

by | Oct 12, 2021 | NATIONAL, NEWS | 0 comments

As the Prime Minister allows for interstate and international travel yesterday, Malaysians are recognising that continuous criticism of the government is not going to help citizens phase to an endemic.

The Prime Minister announced that with the achievement of almost 90 per cent of the adult population fully vaccinated, interstate would be allowed starting Monday, October 11.

The decision has brought on a dilemma if it is too early or late to be opening up on a widescale.

But Rodasu Nodaeru who has not seen his wife and son for nearly two years is seeing the positives of the initiative.

“Thank you so much Mr. PM. I’m grateful and touched on the lifting of the travel ban. I’m missing them so dearly,” he said.

The reopening of the state and semi-reopening of international borders would force people to adapt to a new normal.

If citizens were to continue to criticise the government for each move to make, it would add more stress to the situation, at least that is what the consensus is.

Gavyn Teh believes that people can’t be staying at home for another year.

He added, “If the virus doesn’t kill you, your depression and mental health will do so first.”

Gavyn encouraged that mental health is important and going for short trips would help with it.

“I believe a lot of us are burnt out mentally from work. Some of us miss our family whom we have not seen since last year,” he said.