Being mad enough to kill

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Most of us get angry and blow over. Eventually an angry person cools off and comes back to his or her senses. This is all part and parcel of how anger is managed by most of us. But in isolated cases people can get so angry that they become mad enough to kill.

Anger management is a critical and core subject studied by mental health experts, be they psychiatrists, psychologists or counselors and is used to treat persons who are unable to control their psychotic rage.

Most people get angry for some reason or other and as things fall into perspective they often seek forgiveness and become calmer more sober persons that develop a certain level headed maturity that makes them wiser from the event or episode.

Never let your emotions get the better of you. Develop emotional intelligence skills in handling the stress and tension of daily living in a positive and conducive way. Always make sure, under whatever circumstances, that our anger is kept in check.

But for more people nowadays their emotions are often like a roller-coaster experience and these highs and lows with episodes of rage need to be treated by experts with medication, counsel and theraphy.

Learn to always keep a lid on our emotions and take a self-check tests by being as honest as possible to see if you need professional help or assistance to be able to behave in a normal manner no matter what the pressures of life might be.


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