The Importance of Mental Health

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By Ku Norshela Arin

Mental health is our psychological well being and it affects how we act, talk, think, react or treat others. Someone with good mental health would be able to think positively and would find ways to solve problems instead of letting the problem take control of their emotions. A person who is mentally healthy would be productive at work or school.

There are times when all of us would feel down but if the feeling doesn’t go away after a while, it would be best to talk to someone or seek psychological help. If we are constantly depressed, our mental health would be affected and if no action is taken to cure it, it would lead to suicide or self-harm. 

People who are having problems with their mental health would also experience health issues such as fatigue or even heart disease. Mental health could deteriorate over time and this could occur due to circumstances such as someone working too hard or are in a stressful relationship. When the person couldn’t find ways to solve a life problem, it would lead to serious mental issues in the long run. 

Mental illnesses are caused by several factors including childhood abuse or trauma, chronic diseases, being lonely or biological brain conditions. No matter what the cause is, mental health shouldn’t be overlooked and one should always prioritise it. Some of the signs of mental health issues would be oversleeping, lack of interest in daily activities, anger and anxiety, depression and withdrawing oneself from socialising and other favourite activities. 

If you find yourself in a situation where you often feel sad, worried or anxious, it is best to seek a solution to the issue. Talk to someone trustworthy so that you could get the help you need. Most importantly, do not remain quiet. For those people who are aware of others who are having mental health issues, do not hesitate to reach out to help them. 

Mental illness shouldn’t be a stigma but the urgency of it needing to be cured should be widespread. Mental health awareness should also be a priority besides physical health. Besides seeking professional help, mental health patients should also keep themselves occupied by taking up a hobby or keeping physically fit by exercising. 

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