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The Founder of N.Z. New Image Sdn Bhd, Moharina Mohamed, and business partners, Yusnidar Abdullah and Datin Sabina Rafik have something in common – a passion for the wellbeing of people. In an interview with TMV, they talked about how they came to be involved in the health and beauty business, and what inspire them to empower women to look and feel good about themselves, even creating wealth for themselves through business opportunities. 

Moharina Mohamed, the Founder of N.Z New Image Sdn Bhd and business partners, Yusnidar Abdullah and Datin Sabina Rafik run a business that distributes colostrum-based products for health and skincare. Their passion stem from seeing the positive effects and satisfaction in customers who glow in the pink of health as a result of consuming colostrum-based products sourced from New Zealand. 

“Years ago, I saw an improvement in my mother’s diabetes condition after she consumed colostrum products procured from the parent company, New Image International. I was convinced and inspired by the changes in my mother’s health and I wanted to help others experience better health too,” says Moharina, a former business graduate from University of Ohio and stockbroker in a bank. She then went on to establish her company, N.Z. New Image Sdn Bhd and a couple of years later Yusnidar joined her, followed by Datin Sabina recently. 

Yusnidar, a diploma-holder in Secretarial Science, started her career as a flight attendant with Malaysia Airlines (MAS). During her career, she pursued a part-time marketing course at Stamford College, and was always looking for ways to earn additional income. “I always believe that we can’t rely only on one income,” says Yusnidar. “I explored the beauty business in addition to my job as I felt that it could be pursued without affecting my career. After working with MAS for seven years, I moved on to work for a few corporations in the area of Public Relations,” reveals Yusnidar. Datin Sabina was also a flight attendant with MAS for a number of years. “I left my job at MAS to work alongside my husband in a business venture in the tourism industry.” 

Drawing from their previous work experiences, the trio started to grow the company based on their vision and aspirations. However, they believe that the major contributing factor to the growth and success of their company is the product itself – colostrum. “Colostrum is a pre-milk fluid and is nature’s first food for mammals in the first few days after birth. It contains high levels of immunoglobulins and has been used to fight infections and to boost the immune system,” says Moharina. “Our company has been distributing colostrum-based products ranging from food and vitamin supplements, health drinks to skincare,” she adds. 

The company has also launched the Alpha Lipid A.G.E. Defiant Telomere Serum product, a lightweight serum that stimulates production of skin cells which leaves one’s skin firmer, smoother, and younger-looking. “For a comprehensive beauty treatment, the Alpha Lipid A.G.E. Defiant Telomere Serum product with Alpha Lipid Bee Venom Intensive Moisturising Cream and the Concentrated Revitalising Face Mask, both of which contain New Zealand’s Alpha Lipid Colostrum are the best,” explains Yusnidar. 

Customers who are hardcore users of other skincare products are among the challenges faced by the company. “But once they have seen the demo on our products, they are impressed and readily accept them,” says Moharina with an unmistakable sense of pride. “I am happy that our customers are convinced of the benefits of our New Image skincare products. They slow down the effects of ageing, rejuvenates the skin, and most importantly, are non-invasive,” she continues.

“Apart from using the products, women can also generate an income for themselves by taking advantage of the business opportunities that arise. Our team conducts training, marketing and beauty techniques classes so that women can learn to become business owners of their very own New Image businesses. This would help them to be financially independent,” says Datin Sabina.

The trio believes that young people who are just starting out in business need to have a good and safe product and the need to know the product well. They advise against just thinking about making money. “The products that one sells must be of good quality, beneficial and reliable in the long run, always giving the customer the confidence to use them again and again,” they say.