Citizens call out crocodile tears at Malacca assemblyman press conference

by | Oct 8, 2021 | NATIONAL, NEWS | 0 comments

PHOTO: Astro Awani

Pantai Kundor assemblyman Datuk Nor Azman Hassan had openly cried in his press conference but citizens are calling it crocodile tears as they accuse him of being self-centred.

During the press conference, Azman had apologised and claimed that he withdrew from the coalition for the benefit of Malacca citizens.

As he shed tears he said, “I want to seek forgiveness from the people in Melaka. I am sincere and our actions were for the sake of the people.”

But citizens are not buying the drama as they had seen the same movie in August when 15 UMNO MPs backed out of the Perikatan Nasional government.

The people are angry because they expect that this will be the starting point of another wave of Covid-19 in Malacca and across Malaysia.

Mahmud Jaafar on social media believed that his actions were more towards personal interest rather than the rakyat.

He added, “Please do not ever vote for him anymore. He needs to feel guilty for the betrayal.”

Sunny Day also shares similar thoughts as he called the Pantai Kudor a betrayer of the people. The frustrated Malaysian emphasised that the people can’t trust politicians these days.

“They better be an actor because they are good at crying and playing the victim,” he said.

The collapse of the Malacca government happened after four assemblymen had back out from the Barisan National state government on October 5.