The Power of Encouragement

by | Oct 7, 2021 | Opinions | 0 comments

Photo Credit: Pexels

Encouragement from people around us is important no matter what situation we are in or what we are going through. For instance, a teacher would encourage students to study hard and to pursue their dreams and academic goals to succeed while a football coach would encourage and motivate his or her team to win in every football match. 

The power of words has always affected people. Everyone has a choice to positively motivate or encourage others and this will make a great difference in someone’s life. Words could have the power to move someone to greater heights in terms of success in any area.  

When we are encouraged, it makes us feel more motivated to pursue our dreams, careers or goals in life. As such, it is also important that we do not hold back in encouraging others.

Sometimes, when we are feeling down due to certain reasons or circumstances in life, we will remember the words of encouragement spoken to us in earlier situations. This would be very useful to us in times of need. Encouragement can also be in the form of actions and this could be helping others when they need help. 

People who are encouraged would also feel important as they are told how they could accomplish a task or how well they are capable of performing. It also helps people stay positive, be productive and remain as top achievers in the field of their endeavours. 

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