Malaysian earns respect for returning trash littered by Myvi driver

by | Oct 6, 2021 | NATIONAL, NEWS | 0 comments

A Malaysian man has gone viral after he was seen returning trash that was littered on the road by a Myvi driver during a jam.

Wan Johan Ariff in a 21-second clip got out of his car and picked up the cigarette box from the ground.

After waiting for the orange Perodua Myvi to roll down the window, he threw the box in the car and returned to his vehicle.

His actions earned the respect of Malaysians as he took the responsibility to amend someone else’s mistake.

Bavindh PV said, “Sadly we are developing but the ethics are just like a third world country. Our moral education system should be changed.”

She added that she was thankful for Johan being concerned and civic-minded about the environment.

Yong Kai Shien applauded the video as a heroic act as he despised people who litter even though it is a small box.

The salesman said that some people think that mother nature is a big garbage bin.

He advised that people should be considerate towards road cleanliness for road safety.

The viral video has currently 305,000 views and 6,900 likes.