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Event planning has taken on a highly professional approach with the demand for top-notch services amidst the increasing competition within the field. From weddings, business conferences to the staging of entertainment shows, the demand for professional services has been unmistakable. A popular local event management company, Big Show Asia, has been at the forefront of this business providing total solutions for the staging of events locally and regionally. In an interview with TMV, Suresh Naidu, the co-owner of Big Show Asia, speaks about the company’s past performances, future plans and challenges within the industry.

The event management industry has become an industry to reckon with and providing sophisticated services by the players is to be expected. A Klang local boy, Suresh Naidu, has been always interested in the management and execution of events. “My father, a businessman, encouraged my brother and me to be involved in business enterprises. He gave us the first push with a small loan to start an event management company,” says Suresh.

An education in electronics reinforced Suresh’s interests and fine-tuned his knowledge required for the technology side of event management. “We like organising events as it is our passion and in addition, the potential in this business made sense for us to go into the business. So, we got two speakers and started providing our services at local functions.”

“That started the ball rolling and that’s how we got into the business! And we have not looked back since,” recalls Suresh. The company called, Suresh Entertainment, is a leader in event management for the local entertainment and corporate scene. “One of our noted success stories is the provision of lighting services for the 29th Sea Games. That went well and we are proud of it,” beams Suresh.

Moving forward, two years ago the urge to expand and increase the repertoire of services led to the provision of a total package for the staging of events. “We have rebranded ourselves as ‘Big Show Asia’, epitomising our growth success, and we are showcasing ourselves as a company to be reckoned with not only within the local scene but also in Asia,” says Suresh. The company’s plans to enter overseas markets focus on small markets with potential, one being Colombo, Sri Lanka.

“We have staged a number of successful events in Colombo and they have been received very well by the local audiences there. This is a stepping stone for us and we will be able to launch ourselves into similar markets regionally judging by our track record. Our direction is to look westward as regional markets eastward have been overinvested,” says Suresh.  

Suresh and his brother head the company as directors. The internal functional departments are managed by Suresh’s wife, Subha, a qualified auditor. “I am a hands-on person and I ensure all work is done perfectly from end-to-end during events,” reveals Suresh on his management style. Subha chips in with a laugh, “He is a chronic micro-manager.” The execution and timely response being a critical determinant of project success, justifies the need for astute attention to details especially with increased use of technology. A single slip can affect not only performance success but also brand reputation.

As events management involve hectic working styles without definite time boundaries, Suresh gives a quizzical smile when enquired on work-life balance. “I do try my best to spend time with the family especially during the weekends with my mother and in-laws,” replies Suresh. 

The advice for newcomers to the industry is to be persistent, hardworking and passionate. Suresh frequently supports the newcomers in the form of equipment and business strategy advice.