Rotation system will be a burden for teachers

by | Oct 1, 2021 | NATIONAL, NEWS | 0 comments

Contrary to the statement released by the Senior Education Minister, teachers believe that the rotation system for schools will be a burden.

Datuk Radzi Jidin on Wednesday (Sept 29) said that teachers would be able to manage because they are teaching the same syllabus to two separate groups.

He added, “This system will not add to teachers’ duties, as teachers will already have made their teaching preparation and plans, they only need to share this with the students for preparations at home.”

However, teachers are not in the same boat as they say the execution of online and physical teaching is exhausting.

They believe that the minister does not know what it is like to be teaching physically while muffled with two face masks and maintaining order during online classes.

With the additional standard of procedures to be kept in mind, the two-system teaching will be a headache.

Carmen Kay, a teacher, said, “I ought to be admitted to the asylum if I can still say that this doesn’t add an extra burden. We’re talking about juggling instructional delivery using two modes. Teaching online is exhausting, teaching physically is exhausting. Imagine blending both?”

Her comment was supported by Becky Chia, a Havil International School teacher.

Others have condemned Radzi for such dumb-witted statements. Ang Wen Loong would prefer if the minister would come and do the hybrid teaching and see it for himself.

He posed a question, “Have you ever experience or done this yourself?”