Old politicians don’t retire due to high salary

by | Oct 1, 2021 | NATIONAL, NEWS | 0 comments

Syed Saddiq had claimed that old politicians do not retire even after decades of service because of the high salary.

On the September 30 Parliament session, the Muar MP stated that the salaries for lawmakers much be changed as it is not fair for Malaysians who are financially ill.

He explained that an elected representative can earn up to RM 100,000 a month depending on the length of their tenure.

Syed Saddiq, a pioneer for youth activism, said, “That is why a lot of young people ask why members of Parliament don’t want to retire, although they are already old and have served for years.”

Malaysians would prefer if MPs agree to a cut salary and pension to fund projects for the people in need or frontliners who have served in the pandemic relentlessly.

Ashwin Kaur said on Facebook, “Please distribute to the uniform bodies like nurses for example. They do a lot for the people but their pay is reasonably small. Their pension would make you cry if you would get it.”

The public also is upset because the return on investment is poor.

Although with high salaries, there is little to zero contribution of work because of their lack of skills.

Additional worry builds on due to politicians being corrupt. Even when they are facing court charges, they can still hold on to their Parliament seats.

Adrian Leong suggested that politicians who are above the retirement age should not be allowed to be in politics.

He said, “Maybe they can get their pension but they must not be involved in politics or the cabinet.”

Adrian wants politicians to prove their understanding, capabilities and expertise before being elected in government positions.