Temple devotees empathised by malaysians after scuffle with police

by | Sep 30, 2021 | NEWS | 0 comments

The temple devotees who were in an aggressive disagreement with the police have been empathised by Malaysians for defending their religion.

The argument was initiated after the authorities had planned to build a road that would claim some parts of the Buddhist temple land. The event in Cheras led to four people being arrested.

Some citizens on social media had criticise the behaviour of the devotees but others have defended them as the full picture is not available.

Jayamalar Jeyapalan said that this is a very sensitive issue for religion, belief and faith.

He added, “People tend to go extra miles, so whoever is handling this type of issue especially the authorities, please extend empathy, don’t apply right and wrong.”

Kahieong Ong on Facebook wrote that the authorities should have alerted the Temple Committee over the deployment of tractors to that area, instead of giving them a surprise.

“Why only clarify the situation after the damage is done? None of us know or understand what had been communicated between them,” he said.

The video of the scuffle has since gone viral on social media which led to the police denying there was a ‘temple demolition’.