Ahmad Maslan’s escape from money laundering charges a mockery to justice

by | Sep 30, 2021 | NATIONAL, NEWS | 0 comments

Datuk Seri Ahmad Maslan has escaped the law after paying RM 1.1 million in penalties after the public prosecutors withdrew two money laundering charges against him.

The High Court yesterday, September 29, had acquitted him of all criminal charges.

Additionally, Maslan’s lawyers said that the payment does not disqualify him as a federal lawmaker because the penalty was not a ‘fine’.

But the Pontian Member of Parliament dodging the bullet is sensed as a mockery to the justice system.

The people are upset because how can the prosecution no longer press charges again Maslan as if money laundering is no longer a crime.

Fadhil Zul said that he saw this coming as this is the result of kleptocrats in power.

“After this, we will see more of this nonsense and more names will be cleared by the court. I hate all these people that misused their power and title,” he added.

Others have expressed that the joke is that one can commit money laundering and pay a fine to be scot-free.

Dhillon Choong alleged that the prosecution is under the thumb of the government. The self-employed Malaysian said the prosecution has failed again over the handling of the wrongdoings by politicians.

“Who is taking responsibility and overseeing these farcical decisions?” he asked.

The decision falls in the favour of Maslan as he is now allowed to be nominated as Parliament Deputy Speaker without hindrance.

Previously, the opposition MPs were against the nomination as there were criminal charges faced by him.