Make pleasantness a way of life

by | Sep 29, 2021 | Opinions | 0 comments

PHOTO: Reuters


In today’s environment, trying to be cheerful and upbeat is a real challenge and what most of us feel as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to rage is fear, confusion and anxiety. Given this scenario how is it possible to make being pleasant a way of life?

Put the needs of others before your own needs and wants. Don’t be selfish. By being pleasant, kind and helpful to others the good cheer is being spread to others and hopefully they in turn can spread the warm cheer.

Being pleasant makes life at at once meaningful and good. It’s not about power, fame and fortune, its about the enjoyment of life and learning to live a fulfillled and good life that is happy and resonating with the joy of living.

If only by changing our attitude and approach towards life and especially towards others, by turning on the charm and being pleasant, there is so much more of a difference in how our life becomes just by being pleasant.

Being pleasant doesn’t hurt and costs nothing. But if our behaviour is that of being grumpy, irritable and angry and upset over even trivial matters our lives are going to be miserable and depressing and void of happiness.

This is why from the rising of the sun till the sun goes down it will be a superb, enjoyable life that people live despite the many difficulties, problems or even crises that is faced by us by just making pleasantness a way of life.


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