Why You Shouldn’t Ghost Others

by | Sep 27, 2021 | Opinions | 0 comments

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By Melina Lee

Ghosting could happen in friendships, dating relationships and even among businesses. When a person ignores calls, text messages and attempts to cut off all connections with another person without saying anything, this is called ghosting. 

You might have experience ghosting someone or you might even experience being ghosted by others. When you want to avoid a conversation or end a friendship, it is wise to tell the person about the decision you made rather than ignoring him or her. You should also tell them why you decide to stop talking to them. 

When you ghost others, it would make them feel disrespected, unworthy or even replaceable. It is considered a form of social rejection. The person who is ghosted would feel as if they are not interesting enough and not worth your time. This would be a painful experience for someone who has been ghosted.

A person who has been ghosted would also be left guessing on why it happened. When there are no answers, the person would assume many possible scenarios that are not true. If someone with low self-esteem is being ghosted, this would make it worse for them as they would question themselves on whether they should make new friends or form new relationships with others. 

Therefore, before you ghost someone, try imagining yourself walking in their shoes. Ghosting is also a cowardly practice of someone who is not brave enough to tell the other person the reason why they want to cut off all communication. For business owners who have ghosted others, it is also an impolite act of rejecting a business deal. 

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