Homes for the vulnerable and needy

by | Sep 26, 2021 | Business, LOCAL, NATIONAL, NEWS | 0 comments

Prime Minister  Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob stated that under the 12th Malaysia Plan and Budget 2022 that would be tabled soon vulnerable groups and youth will be given assistance to own affordable and quality homes.

He said the government was aware that the current economic situation impacted the people and one of the issues affecting them was affordable housing.

The Housing and Local Government ministry will look at strategic planning and implementation of housing programs, not just to build these homes quickly but also to make them affordable to people.

An example is the Malaysian Family Housing Initiative or Rumah Ikram program.

Rumah Ikram is an initiative by the ministry to assist those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic such as the loss of employment and income, and whose salaries were significantly reduced, affecting their ability to pay rent.

Around 1,000 units of PPR flats at 11 areas nationwide under the ministry are being offered for rent at RM124 a month.

But based on  fresh instructions by the Prime Minister this initiative will now have 2,000 units up for offer and this will benefit at least 10,000 households.

Another piece of good news delivered by the Prime Minister is that existing residents of PPR flats, under this ministry, will not have to pay rent until the end of 2022 and this will benefit 10,000 heads of households or 50,000 residents.