PM emphasising Malaysia as family to the UN an embarrassment

by | Sep 25, 2021 | NEWS | 0 comments

The Malaysian Prime Minister is set to deliver his speech at the 76th Session of the United Nations General Assembly, recognising the slogan ‘Malaysian Family’.

The global event taking centre stage will be hosted in New York and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob will deliver his speech via a pre-recorded message.

However, his theme ‘The World is a Family’ has come under criticism from Malaysian citizens.

The criticism is due to the policies that are within the laws of the nation that discriminate against the people.

A Malaysian on Facebook, Albani, compared nations like the United States, Europe and Australia and pointed out that they have better citizenship laws.

She added, “However in Malaysia, you are disputing citizenship of your people. Let alone kids who were born and raised in Malaysia regardless of the mother or both foreign parents.”

Kesavan MVasudeven called the government a hypocrite for suggesting a family theme.

He said that the leaders divide fellow Malaysians as Malays and non-Malays. Yet they go to the international community and recognise to the world that Malaysia is a family.

“Hypocrisy of the highest level,” Kesavan claimed.

We hope that further initiative will be developed by the prime minister to improve the unity of Malaysians.