Malaysians not receiving the mail, POS Malaysia says no backlog

by | Sep 24, 2021 | NATIONAL, NEWS | 0 comments

Malaysians have been alleging that they have not been receiving their snail mail but POS Malaysia is claiming that there are no backlogs of mails.

A spokesman from the postal service company has since come out and stated that in early September, the business saw a high in volume.

He added, “First and foremost, we don’t have a backlog. When we are extra busy and notice a volume surge, like we saw through the 9.9 sales, we use the first-in-first-out method and hire extra staff to ensure consistent delivery.”

Ever since the global pandemic started to ravage, POS Malaysia delivery riders were reportedly seen less and led to citizens in urban cities question their mail.

A previous report, dating back to August 30, showed that Malaysian were not receiving their utility or credit card bills.

The courier company did admit that any lapse in mail delivery is happening because of current SOPs.

“Our priorities from day one of the pandemic have been protecting well-being and safety of our employees while also ensuring we keep Malaysians connected, continuing to deliver to more than nine million addresses nationwide,” the spokesman said.

However, they insist that there are no backlogs and it may be from consumer and business disconnect.

The spokesman confidently mentioned that their volumes are manageable and service levels are heading back to pre-pandemic levels.

Although the pandemic has posed numerous challenges, both in terms of the huge increase in volume, they have been handling it positively with the help of the delivery riders they call ‘incredible frontline heroes’.