How to Cope When Your Parents are Divorced?

by | Sep 24, 2021 | Opinions | 0 comments

Photo Credit – Pixabay

By Aleesha Mohamad

There are various reasons why married couples decided to get a divorce and split up. When this happens, the children will experience psychological effects and might question the reason why their parents do not love each other anymore. Some children might even feel depressed as they wonder and blame themselves as the cause of their parent’s breakup.  

No matter what the reasons are, children don’t have to go through it alone when their parents’ are divorced. They would experience sadness as the family they know are no longer the same. Some would even feel angry and resentful towards their parents for not trying to work things out. They would also feel lonely if nobody understands them or even worried and confused due to the uncertain circumstances surrounding them.  

Kids whose parents are divorce would end up living with one parent or might get the chance to spend equal time with both parents. However, some kids might not get the chance to often meet the other parent while some won’t be able to spend time with one of the parents anymore. 

If your parents are going through a divorce or are just recently divorced, you should share your feelings with people you trust such as your friends, teachers or even close family members. Some of the people you know would also have gone through a similar situation and they would be able to share their experience with you and how they got through it. 

Everyone has dreams for the future and you shouldn’t let your parents’ divorce hinder you from achieving yours. You should set goals and focus on them. For instance, if you want to become a lawyer or a doctor, you should focus on your studies to achieve your dreams. 

Hobbies are also a good way to get your mind off things that are worrying you. You could continue doing the things you enjoy to relax and have fun. It is also important to tell your parents how you feel about their divorce. Communication is still key to every good relationship and your parents might even explain why they decided to get divorced.

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