Health Ministry announces financial support for Covid-19 patients

by | Sep 24, 2021 | NATIONAL, NEWS | 0 comments

Khairy Jamaluddin had come to the aid of poor Covid-19 patients who are left with no choice but to be admitted to private hospitals.

The Health Minister announced that there is a special relief fund for those turned away from government hospitals due to the lack of beds.

During the Parliament session, he was asked by Datuk Seri Tan Yee Kiew, Wangsa Maju MP, if there were any support for those warded in private hospitals.

He responded, “I will look into this (providing financial assistance) on a case-by-case basis to assist them.”

The Rembau MP also mentioned that Section 26 in the Prevention and Control of Infectious Disease Act will only come to effect if the situation is in a dire state. Section 26 allows for the temporary requisition of private healthcare facilities to assist the nation in curbing Covid-19.

Khairy was certain there are positive negotiations on increasing outsourcing capabilities between the Health Ministry and private hospitals.

He added, “RM40mil was allocated to 14 states; 38 public hospitals and 72 private hospitals are involved in the outsourcing approach.”

The Health Minister also believed that the term ‘herd immunity’ has become irrelevant.

He claims that he does not use the term as the Delta variant had thrown out the herd immunity calculation. Previously a conventional formula was used to calculate herd immunity.

Currently, Khairy prefers that the government look at the broadest coverage of vaccination as possible.

He said, “That is why the National Immunisation Programme for youths is important. Because it isn’t sufficient if only 80 per cent of adults receive vaccines while children remain unvaccinated.”