Langkawi Municipal to clean-up thrash filled ocean after citizen’s viral video

by | Sep 21, 2021 | NATIONAL, NEWS | 0 comments

A citizen had made a viral video about the thrash-filled ocean which pressured the local council to organize a clean-up operation.

Amin Hafiszat on Twitter was seen filming and narrating, while kayaking, how the island’s ocean had been severely damaged due to people polluting it. It can be visibly seen that plastic bottles and other debris were floating around.

He claimed that he took the video on September 16 when the island was reopened.

Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad, the Langkawi MP, took notice of the tweet and issued a response. He said, “I had called the local council to handle the issue immediately.”

The former Prime Minister added that as a tourist island, he calls for everyone to be more responsible and not litter the jewel of Kedah.

Malaysians on social media were fuming when they saw the mentality of people towards the environment.

Christina Bird wrote that education on the proper disposal of trash needs to be instilled at a very young age.

“It starts by example and awareness of the damage done to their very own environment, a love and respect for their country,” she added.

Renuga Devi also said besides insisting on vaccines, she wants Malaysians to educate their minds to not litter and instil civic consciousness.

She was firmed that money will not buy a person’s morale and it is a shame that grownups are selfish people polluting the planet.

Mae Ling Kok replied to Renuga, “If only there was a ‘civic jab’ that can be distributed to everyone! So sad to see our beautiful oceans becoming their dump site.”

Langkawi district officer Saiful Anwar Azmi said that the municipal alongside other public and private organisations will lend a helping hand in the clean-up operation.