Kindergarten reopening only for working parents, MOE clarifies

by | Sep 20, 2021 | NEWS | 0 comments

The Ministry of Education has cleared the air that the reopening of kindergartens is only for students aged four to six whose parents or guardians are working.

In a released statement on Sunday (Sept 19), the ministry said that they were aware that there was still confusion.

They said, “The ministry is aware that there is still confusion, hence, we want to explain that kindergartens under private, international and expatriate schools and mind development centres are allowed to resume operations starting 17 September for children with working parents/guardians.”

This falls in line with the prime minister who had announced that private kindergartens and mental development centres for students aged between four and six in Phase 1 and 2 are allowed to be open.

However, parents on Facebook are still puzzled over the current ruling.

Arissa Alya in the comment section wrote that there needs to be further explanation due to private kindergartens requiring to show work permits.

She also said that those working as freelancers or independents would have a tough time providing required documentation.

The upset mother said, “Why does the government want to trouble parents?”

Another Malaysian had questioned whether other education institutions would be reopening.

Kelly Chan worries were for primary school students having parents who are too busy to pick them up after school. She wants tuition centres to open so that their children will be in a safe place when their parents are working.

“If tuition centres are not open, what are parents to do when they are at their workplace?” she asked.