Why Malaysians mustn’t ape the West blindly

by | Sep 18, 2021 | Opinions | 0 comments


The debate is still raging and ongoing as to whether it is better to choose and accept Western values or Eastern values but due to the current pace of globalization more people tend to associate themselves with Western ideals.

There is nothing wrong with this at all. It is just that not all Western values should be embraced  as there are quite a number of their ways that are decadent, maybe even depraved. This is why it is important to think and reason before accepting a Western or even Eastern value.

Choose the best of both worlds. Tinker and study values before you accept and follow it. It is embarrassing how some Malaysians have picked up British or American accents in their speech when the Malaysian accent is basically a perfect pitch.

Are they ashamed of themselves or think that having a Westerner’s accent makes them feel superior and accepted? The Malaysian accent when used right is natural and pleasant to the ear with the speaker having no need to feel inferior or uncomfortable.

Just the same with clothing. A woman wearing a baju kebaya, cheongsam or saree is more stylish and elegant than an American Levi Strauss jeans. In the end it is really how a person defines himself or herself.

However, never be ashamed of being your natural self by choosing values for yourself that makes you feel good and right.  But please don’t embrace values for the sake of merely making a mockery and condemnation of yourself.


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